How To Reroot Cont'd.

Rooting the head - I usually start at the back of the head, at the nape and then work up to the crown (fig 16 & 17). Next, I'll work on each side of the part (fig 18). If the hair is going to be worn down, I'll root the perimeter with the same size plugs as I use on the rest of the hair. If I'll be pulling it back, though, I will root the hairline with thicker plugs. Once all the rooting is done, secure the hair with a hair elastic and steam it (I use a boiling kettle) for a few seconds to tame the hair a little (fig 19).

Fig. 16

Fig. 17

Fig. 18

Fig. 19

Rooting a thatched part - take your thicker plugs and, following the method above, root a straight line from the upper forehead to the apex (middle) of her head, keeping the plugs close together, about 1mm apart (Fig 20). When you have rooted this, comb them over the area where you will be rooting the second line, and secure with a hair elastic around the head (fig. 20). Next, separate two hair plugs with your needle, so that you can see the scalp, and insert your needle in between the two plugs, approx 3mm away from the first "part" line (fig 21 & 22). Root one plug at a time in this manner, until you have completed the second line for the part, creating a criss-cross pattern, or "thatch", then comb these over and secure (fig 23).

Fig. 20

Fig. 21

Fig. 22

Fig. 23

Setting and Styling - hold the head in the steam of a boiling kettle for a few seconds, to give the part a quick set, so that it is easier work with. Remove the hair elastic and comb in to your desired style (fig 24). Next, pop the head back on the body and wrap some cling film/saran wrap around the head (fig 25). Now, immerse the head in freshly boiled water. For saran hair, especially if I'll be cutting it short or creating bangs, I'll leave the head in the water until the water cools. If I'm using kanekalon hair, then I'll just dunk for a few seconds. Alternatively, if you want the hair straight and longer, you can forego the saran wrap and just comb back the hair from the face, and, with the doll in a horizontal position, pour the hot water over the head, followed by a stream of cold water.Shake off excess water, blot with a paper towel, comb and allow to dry. Once the hair is dry, you are ready to cut and do a final style.

Fig. 24

Fig. 25